Recent years have seen a rapid development in thermal Imaging technologies, introducing smaller, more accurate sensors to the market. Fusing the capabilities of the latest FLIR sensor with our heavy-lifting UAV, we have built one of the safest, most powerful aerial infrared platforms in WA.


Aerial thermal imaging is revolutionising the way we monitor and track the health of our infrastructure, allowing access to previously hazardous environments without the risk to personnel.


Working with unmanned systems, we are helping our clients to drastically reduce the time and risks associated with inspection work. Without the need to erect scaffolding or elevated platforms, we provide valuable information fast and with minimal disruption to operations. We help asset managers and O&M teams to make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data.


Our thermographers have over 25 years experience in the engineering and construction industries. We are trained and qualified to detect, interpret and report on a range of systems including high voltage electrical installations. 


A true understanding of thermography is key to producing reliable results. Our thermographers are certified by the Infaspection Institute. Recognised globally as the leading independent certification for thermographers, we adhere to their strict inspection and reporting standards.


Trust a certified thermographer to provide the accurate, detailed information that you need, just keep an eye out for the Infraspection logo

Thermal Imaging Applications

PV System Inspection

Increase your yield and profits with rapid fault identification. The ability to quickly assess large arrays makes aerial thermography ideally suited to commercial scale farm and rooftop systems.

Industrial Machinery

Ensure continuous, safe operation of on-site machinery. Thermal inspections do not require equipment shutdown or interruption of operations. Thermal imaging can identify defects and help prevent catastrophic failure.

Building Inspection

Inspect and assess the integrity of built structures without the need for scaffolding or elevated working platforms. Identify thermal bridging, water ingress and concrete cancer. Test for air tightness and HVAC efficiency.

Environmental Monitoring

Track and document the movement of animal populations and monitor invasive species. Thermal imaging can also be used to assess soil health and identify crops suffering from water stress.

Energised Systems

Inspect powerlines and distribution networks for faults. Help maintenance teams to improve workplace safety and efficiency by removing potential risk and localising faults to allow for targeted repairs.

Search and Rescue

Cover large areas of difficult terrain quickly and efficiently. Our high resolution aerial platform allows us to work with SAR teams to quickly locate missing persons. Thermal cameras can allow us to see through smoke, making this technology ideal for fire services.



  • Our asset inspection pilots are also certified thermographers. As a minimum requirement, they have each passed the Level 1 exam with the Infraspection Institute and are qualified to identify and document thermal patterns caused by improper design, workmanship or material failure in electrical distribution systems, mechanical systems, steam systems, refractory systems, building envelopes and flat roofs


  • Working with industry leading equipment and software our specialist teams liaise closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide a tailored, actionable report.

  • Infrared technology allows our inspectors to detect unseen damage and predict equipment failure, helping to plan targeted maintenance and shutdowns.

  • Using GPS data we can accurately identify the location of each fault, helping on-site maintenance teams to operate more efficiently


  • Our live video feed allows your site engineers to monitor and direct our operations, allowing the option to assess and inspect the asset in real time

  • Thermal imaging is a Non - destructive test method which requires NO downtime or disruption to operations. 

  • Thermal inspections and reporting at regular intervals gives us an insight into changes in an asset over time. Analysis of these reports can highlight patterns in degradation and lead to a more efficient and targeted maintenance plan.

  • Catastrophic failure can be crippling for businesses and can lead to loss of production. Preventative maintenance can save you time, money, and even lives.



  • Photovoltaic Systems (Solar)

  • Electrical Systems (Powerlines)

  • Building Envelopes

  • Electro/Mechanical Systems

  • Insulated Roofs

  • Underground Piping

  • Piplines 

  • Rail Networks

  • Construction Projects

  • Mining (Rotating Equipment and Conveyors)

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